Services Offered By Global Touch


>In Global Touch, we focus on the needs of the end-users, product, promotion, price, placement and DISTRIBUTION as a major factor in our entire marketing structure which help us expand, reach, and grow in revenue.

> Global Touch marketing has working policies capable of making companies healthy, bigger and established as a brand.We have a strategic view to bringing about all these even further on a higher commercial scale.

> Our company brings an innovative approach to marketing like never done before by most companies. We combine marketing prowess to connect the dots with commercial A-list thinking, marketing strategies and a branding platform for businesses.

> We develop smart strategic marketing campaigns. With our distribution, we create an efficient and sustainable revenue streams which are outlined in an agreement between a client and us.

New Technology

> With us, companies can now market their products using tutorials and services embedded in our platform in both VR/AR to reach a worldwide audience with the click of a button.

> By utilizing current technologies and harnessing the power of social media platforms, VR/AR, the internet/streaming educational services will substantially change and shape the future of your company.

> By supporting each other, we are confident of generating multiple streams of income, have greater exposure, and offer solutions to the variously related problem encountered by our worldwide consumers.

> By taking advantage of Global Touch marketing platform, companies and clients can significantly profit and also make their different product readily available to international customers.

Giving Back

> Global Touch global not only has the right extensive commercial platform to move your company to a global level, but we do also have an in-house team with the drive to help, assist, educate and also give back to the community. We always strive to work together with our clients to see them grow!

> We utilize our products and services to assist in global awareness by giving back to charity & have our impact felt by millions of people.

Marketing Awareness

> A complementation of companies in the starting-point and complementation of already established companies.

> Utilization of excellent services in which clients can grow, market their product and gain great sponsors and proper advertisement.

> Marketing through innovative global broadcasting service with unique ways to connect companies. In partnership with numerous different outlets, affiliates and investors, we guarantee total maximization of our client’s financial income. Product Distribution through our platform has the potential of attracting a total number 100 -150 million viewers, clients, customers and followers.

Global Touch Offers

Content Update

Create & put up companies/ organizations own content on a regular basis

Marketing Company

Ability to Advertise and capacity to have brands connected and exposed to major companies & targeted/interested global buyers.

Exclusive Rights

Ability for companies, individuals and organization to own exclusive rights to their content

Create Channel

Creation of personally owned CHANNEL on our Global Touch (GTTV) network

Revenue Access

Total access and control of generated revenue by members.

Reaching Subscribers

Ability to reach millions of subscribers every day through Global Touch Network & Global Touch App.

Market strategies

Showcase, promote & market strategies from all angles

Maintenance & Security

Guarantee of Cyber security and cyber maintenance.

Generate Revenue

Sustainable revenue generating capacity for our clients to earn income that will LAST for LIFETIME.

VR Virtual Reality

 Creation of a new visual experience for all your customers online through VR Virtual Reality

Advertise accounts

Advertising, promotion & strategic marketing experience for our registered members and corporations.

Pay Per View

An additional revenue stream for registered members through pay-per-view feature.