Global Touch Management (GTM)


This approach entails compiling an exciting and diverse roster of recording artists, songwriters, producers, DJs, and authors. Thus GTM guides and manages them into building their OWN platform.

Once again, the manipulation of their music/creativity is eliminated and can be allowed to flourish in its entirety as its creator intended, without any hindrance or interference from anyone else; this allows the artists and their creative talents to come forth freely and perform as literally expected.

Simply put, it is the artists bringing to you exactly what they meant for you to hear; this is the model that should be and is what GTP will be bringing into this new era of the business world.

As business managers, GTM will represent each act through an efficient sale, marketing, public relations, research, operation analysis, data processing, statistics, finance, accounting, auditing, taxes, budgeting, law and sales. GTM will actively represent veterans and quickly penetrate them into different marketplaces globally.