About Global Touch Partners

We are a global company with over 35 + years of experience in the commercial business. We have the right extensive commercial platform to move your business to a global level whether you’re a startup or an already established company.

We have the capacity and ability to bring connections of the highest order of organizations to your business. In sound strategies we are miles ahead of our competitors to drive constant and continual revenue income for our clients. Our team also has the mindset to help, assist and educate by always giving back.

We Provide a new way of visual and virtual commercialization and as we also strive to make you feel the joy of connecting with your consumers and friends globally.

In an era where technology is our primary source of advertising, we understand the power and capabilities we have at our fingertips, and our strategies ultimately leverage this technology; what this means is that our working strategies are guaranteed to make your company’s potential grow into a reality, profiting you in every angle.

Our policies also benefit your consumers and make your business continue to grow on a massive scale.

Together we can grow, impact lives and make the needed contributions to consumers worldwide through continual income generation, that way; we all make a positive difference, together!

Our Services

Create Channel

Creation of personally owned CHANNEL on our Global Touch (GTTV) network

pay per viewview

VR Virtual Reality

Creation of a new visual experience for all your customers online through VR Virtual Reality

content updatecontent-updareb

Content Update

Create & put up companies/ organizations own content on a regular basis

content updatecontent-updareb

Pay Per View

An additional revenue stream for registered members through pay-per-view feature.
strategy2 globaltouchpartnersstrategy

Effective smart marketing strategies for each customer

revenue2 globaltouchpartnersrevenue

How can the company/customer make revenue income streams without investing tons of money upfront on marketing, branding & other investments

success2 globaltouchpartnerssuccess

How to make your company sustainable for years ahead

brainstorming2 globaltouchpartnersbrainstorming

How can we make it affordable for the consumer

idea2 globaltouchpartnersidea

Find the ”OUT OF THE BOX” concept

Sustainable revenue generating capacity for our clients to earn income that will LAST for LIFETIME.